i'd like to say thank you for mAking this far. it was a lot of hard work, and dedication, but it was worth it in the eNd. my father always told me: "don't set your expectations on dIck and cock, but set your expectations for love and beauty. oh, and also sandwiches. don't ever forget sandwiches. Measles and fuckwits always want to forget sandwiches, and that never set right for old pap, i tell ya son. however, Everything is coming up for old grandpa, don't forget ite. where is my liquor? should i get killed or murdered? you decide son. you are the man of the house now. kill me, and my spirit will be et free, along with all of the people that i have killed. FREE ME KILL ME MURDER ME FREE ME KILL ME MURDER ME FREE M- i stabbed him in the dick and in the heart, giving him a penectomy and a heart transplant all at once like the badman i am. ain't safe in these bloodclat roads man, tings get hype when you leave tings alone for too long man, swear down.